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Feather Wiki is a lightning fast, infinitely-extensible tool for creating personal non-linear notebooks, databases, and wikis that is entirely self-contained, runs in your browser, and is only 56 kilobytes.

Create a game design document, write documentation, or store everything about your game development process all in one file, then easily share the result anywhere online! The app itself and all of the content you create using it are stored within the single HTML file generated when you save your wiki. Publishing your content for the world to see is as simple as uploading that file to a web server, and updating is as simple as overwriting the file.

With Feather Wiki, you can:

  • Create unlimited inter-connected pages with the ability to nest pages for better organization
  • Create unlimited tags for pages to help categorize and group related pages
  • Link images from other websites or insert your own into the wiki file itself
  • Set custom CSS to change the look of your wiki
  • Keep track of recently-viewed pages in the menu
  • Customize what appears in your menu and the order it displays
  • Edit your wiki anywhere you have a browser
  • Extend your wiki by modifying its core
  • Publish your wiki to make it look more final and professional
    • Tiddlyhost provides free Feather Wiki hosting through their Advanced settings
  • Upgrade your existing Feather Wiki file to the newest version by simply importing it into the newest version.

More details and additional downloads can be found at the official website: https://feather.wiki

You can also follow @FeatherWiki@floss.social from any Fediverse account (i.e. Mastodon, Pleroma, etc.) for updates, ideas, and progress!

Feather Wiki is open source software, and I appreciate any feedback, bug reports, or contributions you have for it!


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Version 1.7.1 55 kB

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