New Look and New Features!

The Audiobook Time-to-Page Converter is the second most popular thing that I've ever made, so I figured that giving it a nice coat of paint and a full rewrite would be a nice gift to all of the Google nomads who stumble upon it! It also ended up being a nice bit of practice for me as a web developer, because I decided to use React and Redux with Bootstrap to rebuild the app! It wasn't entirely necessary to build it that way, but those tools are the most popular in the web development world at the moment, so I wanted to build up some skills pointing in that direction.

This new version, aside from looking much nicer, add the ability to save settings in the Setup tab to your browser so you can load up the number of pages and audiobook end time without having to re-type it over and over again for the same book! I also added the ability to use a percent progress slider to get the time and page number, which seemed like it could be helpful depending on the audiobook app you use.

If you prefer the old version over the new one, never fear! You can use the old version in a completely unmodified state by just clicking the "Use Old Version" link at the bottom of the app. If you have any feedback on the new version or ideas for further improvement, please leave a comment at the bottom of the tool page! I'd really appreciate anything that you have to say regarding the tool!

Anyway, I hope the calculator is helpful to you, and I hope you're enjoying a great book!

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