Help Playtest!

Chompy! is a mobile game that's coming to iOS and Android, and this is a playtester's version of Chompy! that lets you tweak some settings and submit feedback! We need all the feedback we can get to make the game the best it can be!

How to Play

  • Click buttons with the mouse.
  • Open Chompy's mouth by clicking or holding space.
    • Close Chompy's mouth by releasing
  • Catch as much food in your mouth as you can and avoid as many rocks as you can.
    • The more food you catch, the higher your score bonus.
    • If you catch a rock before closing your mouth, you lose any bonus you got before.
    • Food refills your energy; rocks decrease it.
    • Close your mouth to get your points and energy.
  • Get as much food as you can before your energy runs out!

It's Not Loading!

Try the Unity Web Player version. Requires a plugin and does not run on Google Chrome.

Help Support Chompy!

If you enjoy Chompy!, please spread the word about it and help us get more feedback!

Twitter: #Chompy

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