The sun sets...

...and you find yourself completely and hopelessly lost in the middle of the forest. After stumbling around deeper and deeper into the forest, you come across a gnarly scene: a body that seems to have been ripped apart by some kind of monster!

You take note of the body and its surroundings to learn what kind of monster you might be up against. Is it covered in fur? Are the trees around the body broken and in disarray? What you learn about the monster can reveal your chances of surviving a run-in with this thing.

With nothing but survival in mind, you set off into the night, hoping you can last until morning and escape...

Welcome to Night Hike

Night Hike is a tabletop card-based game currently being designed by Ryan Stong that is played using three decks of cards, a die, two or more players, and lots of luck! This page is for a special text-based, single-player version of the game that I built to help playtest some the rules and concepts of the card game!

If you try it out and enjoy it or have any feedback, please let us know so we can improve the game!

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