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You and your crew are skaters taking on either each other or an opposing gang of skaters to do the sickest tricks and show everyone who rules the skate park.

Do you have what it takes to be a skater legend?

SKATER+ is a hack of the GUTS+ Tabletop RPG System that modifies the rules to let you play as a skater competing for the most points at the skate park. It uses the same Success Scale die rolling system while getting rid of extraneous bits like inventory and health.

In the same way that “GUTS” stands for the base qualities a character has, “SKATER” stands for the main stats that your skater characters will have, plus one custom quality that makes your character unique!

SKATER stands for:

  • Slide: Your skater’s balance and elegance when shredding, grinding, or otherwise generally riding their skateboard.
  • Kicks: Your skater’s jump height and aerial maneuverability.
  • Attitude: Your skater’s ability to intimidate other skaters out of their area or otherwise persuade others.
  • Tricks: Your skater’s ability to do sick flips and spins and rack up some wicked pointage.
  • Energy: Your skater’s speed, endurance, health, and general number of actions they can do on a turn.
  • Recovery: Your skater’s ability to quickly get up if they beef it.

You’ll use your SKATER stats to roll 6-sided dice that translate to wicked sick tricks all around the Sk8r’s Paradise skate park that will earn you points to show the world that you’re worthy of the title of Skater Legend!


  • At least 5 six-sided dice,
  • Paper and Pencils,
  • 1 game master, and
  • At least 1 player, though 3 or more is ideal!


  • Read the story out loud in an excited voice right before starting to set the mood.
  • Print Appendix 1 enough times for each player to have a Sk8r Card and cut them out.
    • If you don't have a printer, just make sure everyone has paper and a pencil to track their stats, energy, and points.
  • Print Appendix 2 and cut out the skate park area tiles to build your Sk8r's Paradise.
    • If you don't have a printer, you can just draw squares and write what areas they represent and keep the skate park tiles up for reference.
  • Have something on hand to track what area of the skate park each skater is in.
  • Print Appendix 4 if you want to more easily track NPC details, energy, and points.


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