In-Game Controls

  • Turn Left: or A
  • Turn Right: or D
  • Increase Speed: or W
  • Decrease Speed: or S
  • Open/Close Storage Screen: X or Shift
  • Interact with Island: Z or Space
  • Show Map: M

Menu Controls

  • Move Cursor Up: or W
  • Move Cursor Down: or S
  • Next Page: or D
  • Previous Page: or A
  • Select Option: Z or Space
  • Go Back/Close Menu: X or Shift

On Title Screen

  • Show Credits: X or Shift

How to Play

The speed gauge in the bottom left corner shows your current speed level. The energy bar next to it shows how long you can go as fast as you are going and refills over time. If you crash into the island, you lose all momentum and your speed resets to 0.

The bottom right side shows the clock. When the dial rotates back around to the top, the prices of items are all refactored. Time doesn't move when you're on a trade screen. The game saves at the start of each day, and if you stop in the middle of the day, you will lose your progress for that day.

You can only buy 20 of one item and you can only hold 3 different kinds of items. Choose wisely!

You can haggle on an island with a 5% success rate. You can only haggle 5 times per island before they won't let you haggle anymore. If you haggle successfully, buying prices decrease and selling prices increase for the day on that island.

Throughout the day as you sail, your crew has a small chance of getting ill, which will negatively affect your ship's energy. The chance of illness increases if you're sailing faster and you already have illness on your ship. You can pay to heal at an island's Tavern.

Press M while sailing or right or left on the Storage screen to show the Map. Green pixels are islands and the red pixel is your current position. You can continue moving forward while the map is pulled up, but you can't control your ship. You have to exit the menu screen to control your ship.

There's no end game yet, but you can sail around and trade as long as you want. Try to make as much money as you can!

About the Game

Trade Winds is going eventually to be an exploration/inventory management/trade game where you control a trade ship and you have to sail across an unmapped ocean to both find and trade with multiple islands. The game will feature large expanses of ocean where you can set a course and sail in any direction indefinitely while you manage your inventory so sailing isn't too much of a bore, a bustling economy, and the excitement of filling out your own map of the ocean, all in a 64x64 pixel space. I'll try to add in little encounters like pirates and mermaids so sailing the vast distances between land masses isn't too boring, but it'll feature a lot of idle time so you can click away and come back when you arrive at a destination.

It was developed for the 2016 #LOWREZJAM (check out the entry page to see how it did!), and it is free to play on modern browsers. I wrote a Postmortem & Future Plans post, so check that out to find out my thoughts about the game and where I plan to go from here!

An extra special thanks to Paws Menu for helping with the music and menu icons in the game! Check out the music for this game and some others they helped with on their Music from #lowrezjam 2016 album on Bandcamp. And definitely be sure to check out the rest of their music, too!!


Music and Menu Icons

Paws Menu
Twitter: @thesaveroom

Everything Else

Robbie Antenesse, A.K.A. Alamantus GameDev
Twitter: @Alamantus

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorAlamantus GameDev
TagsAtmospheric, boat, Exploration, ocean, oversimplifiedjs, Pixel Art, Sailing, ship, trade, Trading
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSource code


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